How to Join RVCC


Membership can be arranged through the Cycling Ireland website by following the instructions below.

Cycling Ireland Registration

New Members:

1: Click the JOIN button on the top right hand corner of the Cycling Ireland website or using the link above. This will take you to a new registration screen.

2: Under New Member click on Register. This will open a new window where you will be asked to enter your details including email address, password and an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact. Once this information has been entered click on Register and a pop up message will appear saying you have now registered with Cycling Ireland and will receive an email with an activation link which you must use to activate your account.
3: When you receive the email, click on the activation link and use the password you entered in Step 2. You can now log in to your Cycling Ireland account.

4: Once logged in you can view and edit your own details and select your licence type through the My Licence tile. There are links which describe the various licence types and categories to help you when choosing your licence. At the bottom of the page you can choose a club you wish to join (Roe Valley CC).

5: If you are an un-attached member and do not have a previous Cycling Ireland account your membership will be automatically approved. You can then pay for your licence through the Checkout tile. Payment is made through PayPal with a credit or debit card. Please note you do not need to have a PayPal account but can enter your card details. Once payment is received you will be issued with your licence number and you are then registered and insured.
If you are joining a club your application will have to be approved by a club official before you can make payment. Your application status will change to Awaiting Club Approval. Once this has been approved by your club you will be notified by email and can then log in and pay through the Checkout tile as above.

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