Wee Wheelers have all the skills!

WP_20150905_15_44_24_Pro_bThe second Wee Wheelers trial event was held on Saturday 5th September and can be definitely classed as another success if the skills on show, the variety of ages involved and the smiles on faces are anything to go IMG_1032 (2)by.

An array of fiendishly difficult obstacles were devised by Ryan George and ably (I was told to use that word) demonstrated by one George Boyd.

IMG_0978 (2)Then the future road racers and mountain bikers of RVCC took centre stage and attempted each of the obstacles on the circuit. Although tentative at first (especially on the ramp and see-saw), the growing confidence was obvious for all to see and by the end, everyone was tackling each obstacle with gusto and in a lot of cases with ease showing us old timers up ( ignore last if not applicable 🙂 ).

There were audible sounds of disappointment when it was time to call a halt to proceedings and fuel up with Chef Skippy’s fabulous burgers and Madam Scott’s yummy desserts.

All in all, we can chalk another success up the the Roe Valley Cycling Clubs Wee Wheelers experiment and look forward to many more events in 2016. Many thanks to all involved in the run up to the day and those who helped out.


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