RVCC – Been There, Done That

All the wild and wonderful places we have visited on two wheels, on smooth narrow tyre, or wide and knobbly.

GlobeBikeLets see who can contribute and how many PINs we can add. A simple marker can be added by clicking on the blue cross in the top right of the map, adding an Entry name such as “Club Runs (Road), key in the location (if search can find it) or use the ‘CLick on the Map’ facility, ignore the description bit if you wish, and then select the appropriate colour for the pin (see below.) There are only a few simply rules.


  1. If its a location for anyone of our club runs, can you add a blue marker?
  2. If its a location for the MTB folks, use a green marker?
  3. If it was for a sportive for another club maybe use a yellow marker?
  4. And if it was for a one-off (holiday perhaps), use an Orange marker?

Lets see across how much of the county/country/continent/world we have pedalled. 🙂



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