Kit Store is Open for business

WP_20151108_17_54_43_ProWe have now added the option of browsing and placing an order for club kit directly from the website. All of the available items for sale are listed however, stock may be limited for certain items so for now at least, placing an order may not guarantee immediate delivery. Placing an order will generate an email which will be trigger fulfillment if possible from stock and when ready, or if there are stock/size issues, a response will be generated (or of course you can still choose direct contact if preferred).

Payment for kit will be as before, cash on delivery but we are looking at adding a PayPal option – let us know if that would be seen as a benefit.

And last, but not least, access the shop is only available to members registered on the web site so please consider signing up to the web site if you wish to make use of this kit purchasing option.

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