Club Social Ride 2015

Bathed in sunshine, the combined groups from Roe Valley Cycling club headed off from Roe Valley leisure Centre this morning for an epic (well for some of us, it was…) ride heading along the coast with it’s stunning scenery all the way to the whiskey centre of Ulster, Bushmills.

First drama of the day was our web site administrators first ever puncture but with F1 precision he was immediately surrounded by fully qualified bike mechanics who whipped the offending tyre off, tube out and replaced in the blink of the eye. Admittedly, getting it re-inflated took several attempts and an inquiry into the jetflate equipment he currently carries will be performed at a later date.

Lion’s Brae at Downhill was the next challenge but safely negotiated, albeit with the pit crew from the earlier tyre incident later to the summit than the rest of the group as a result. A few holiday makers where added to the bunch here and the group moved off en masse again heading for Coleraine.

A lovely cycle along the promenade of Portstewart was next on the cards and it was negotiated at at least the same speed as most cars can drive that stretch these days (if not faster).

The normal NW200 pit area on the way to Portrush was this time filled with all sorts of vehicles for a Truck Fest event of some sort but with the surprise spectacle of RVCC piling through the area before it even got started there can be little doubt what the highlight of the day for it’s spectators was.

Pretty plain sailing from there through Portrush and on into Bushmills, where the group fragmented to the 4 corners of the central crossroads to partake of their own favorite bun-stop.

Full fueled and ready to rock again, (less a speedy breakaway group), RVCC pointed their bikes in the general direction of home.

Not long outside Bushmills though, two riders ‘happened’ to fall on top of each other at a crossroads although as they were a married couple, little comment was made of the event.

And despite Skippy’s best attempts to psych the novices out completely before the lumps of Cam arrived on the horizon, the social aspect of the day never really left the group and the ‘craic was ninety’ all the way back over the Coleraine mountain. One chain incident not withstanding on the ascent, a very speedy run back down into Limavady was the much earned reward for the expected tough climb (for some of us at least) that preceded it.

So, a great day all round. Fantastic weather. And much thanks is due to one Mr Charlie Cromie for organizing the event, the weather and sweeping the group all round the route. Cheers Mr C, and here’s to the same again in 2016.

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