Wee Wheelers have all the skills!

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September 6, 2015

The second Wee Wheelers trial event was held on Saturday 5th September and can be definitely classed as another success if the skills on show, the variety of ages involved and the smiles on faces are anything to go by. An array of fiendishly difficult obstacles were devised by Ryan George and ably (I was told to use that word) demonstrated by one George Boyd. Then the future road racers…


Wee Wheelers Wacky Races

July 20, 2015

Well, the Wee Wheelers initiative certainly kicked off in style yesterday. Throngs of budding young cyclists gathered at the sea wall at Station Road, Ballykelly bathed in sunshine to tackle the 4 miles of clue strewn tracks set out by the ‘devious’ Samuel Moore. All manners of 2 wheeled steed could be seen journeying along the sea wall at various speeds but every machine had a rider with a very…